What Is Associated Locksmiths Of America (ALOA)?

Within the world of locksmiths are numerous associations and organizations. One of the best known is Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA). In fact, locksmith companies with ALOA accreditation are automatically more respected and trusted.

Brief Introduction To ALOA

Formerly the Associated Locksmiths of America, Inc., the organization is now called ALOA Security Professionals Association, Inc. As the largest organization in the world specific to locksmiths, as well as other physical security professionals, ALOA is dedicated to being the first line of defense for consumers by boosting both productivity and effectiveness through educational materials and programs.

ALOA’s goal is to enhance education, ethics, and professionalism among locksmiths and other people working in related fields of physical security around the globe. Along with representing more than 10,000 locksmiths in North America, ALOA offers its members access to programs that promote strength, confidence, and knowledge pertaining to job performance and efficiency.

Benefits To Professional Locksmiths

Completing education through ALOA offers tremendous benefits:

• After going through various programs, a locksmith will have the ability to install deadbolts, locks, and other electronic and mechanical locking devices designed to keep businesses, residences, automobiles, and other properties safe and secure.

• Locksmiths gain the expertise needed for making repairs or modifications to mechanical and electronic locking mechanisms.

• Education covers the making of duplicate cards and keys and rekeying locks.

• Programs teach how to respond to emergency lockout calls at homes, businesses, and automobiles.

• Training also focuses on generating and programing new keys and keycards that have been lost or stolen.

• After completing ALOA education, locksmiths can sell, service, and install safes in businesses and homes. In addition, they can perform regular servicing of bank vault doors, safe deposit boxes, teller equipment, and time locks.

• To identify malfunctioning and/or worn out parks, locksmiths learn to repair, dissemble, and conduct analysis. They also gain the necessary skills to clean and adjust internal components, as well as replace bad parts with new ones.

• Locksmiths learn to duplicate keys using a special duplicating machine.

ALOA also offers special educational programs for individuals interested in installing and servicing electronic alarm and surveillance systems. Depending on the type of education completed, a technician will have the ability to do any of the following:

• Specify, design, install, and service a broad range of closed circuit television systems and electronic access control systems.

• Properly maintain security software and hardware used with computer systems.

Among all the things taught by ALOA, the most important thing that locksmiths learn is the right way to assist customers. Often, customers are overwhelmed due to the vast selection of locking mechanism choices, so it becomes the responsibility of the technician to help guide customers toward the appropriate product while making them feel confident with their selection.